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The Franchisee is Nic Chaviaris. Nic has been in recruitment straight from graduating from university. He knew straight away that this was a career move and has not looked back since. He has now been with Driver Hire since 2007. He is passionate and a perfectionist when it comes to service and promise delivery. His honesty and integrity have enabled him to build strong rapport with drivers and clients. In 2013 Nic purchased the Franchise, and is now even more determined and committed to make this an absolute success, for himself, his staff, his drivers and customers.

James is determined to make it a success, has shown his metal more so in recent months and is an integral part of the team, He maintains excellent relationships with candidates and clients to to his understanding and kind nature. He understands the industry and provides excellent service. He looks up to Nic and he has a fun (he is a funny, cheeky guy), can do attitude. He is very thorough and detrmined to make it a success. Outside of work James plays football as a prolific striker, and to be fair he is talented, unlike his chosen team Liverpool!

Tom is the newest member of our team and has joined us due to expansion. Tom is a University graduate having studied Sports Science and "hangover cures" at Portsmouth University. He has held a variety of roles including teaching and is now determined to establish himself within the Recruitment industry and excel. He has definitely bought into the team environment and ethos within the office and he is very keen in helping the team reach its goals by any means. Outside of work Tom is a keen sportsman with many sports that he (claims!) is very good at, including triathlon and oddly basketball?! We are delighted to have Tom joining us and we are looking forward to many more successes with him on board.




James (Yes another one just to confuse things!) is the newest member of our team. He is very positive, happy and enthusiastic and raring to have a proper go at this. His last position as a PE teacher has taught him to be patient and understanding as well as be very energetic and manage awkward situations (such us telling kids off for eating sweets during PE!) He is very bright and picks things up really quickly. He is also well spoken albeit he insists he is not posh (apparently he supports some team called Everton?!). He is a great addition to the team, he will be a real asset, and his bubbly personality is infectious, which compliments the team expertly!


Logan Johnson is our newest member of our team. He has been with us for a very short while yet he has managed to make an impact and has been of great help. He is honest, polite, shy (this will change soon I am sure) and humble. He is also very hard working and has a great work ethic.

His has been drafted in to help us sustain our growth and his main focus will be to assist with day to day operation as well as look after the welfare of our trusted candidates.

Outside of work we have managed to recruit another footballer wannabe (we finally have a 5 a side team!) and his chosen team is yet another controversial choice! DERBY COUNTY?! We have no doubt that Logan possesses all the skills required and has a bright future and we look forward working with him for many years to come and seeing him develop!




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