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18 November 2013

I became father of a beautiful daughter back in February 2013. The labour was quite intense and my wife (Cheryl) had to be submitted to the Intensive Care Unit after the birth. She was gladly ok, and after 24 hours in the Unit Cheryl, finally got to meet our lovely daughter properly.

I have always had the attitude of being appreciative of the things I have, small or large and I am strongly against children suffering negative consequences of adults actions. The birth of my daughter Olivia and the events that took place has reiterated how grateful I should be, as well as Olivia and Cheryl and I believe that every child should have a better life.

My thoughts are shared with Curt and James in the office, so all 3 of us will be doing the triathlon supporting SAVE THE CHILDREN charity. For those of you that know  Nic, Curt and James, this is not an easy task. James cannot swim, Nic can only swim well, and Curt although a good all-rounder is injury prone. There will most certainly be a competition between them all as to who will cross the Victory line 1st, of that i guarantee you.

We want to encourage people to come and watch us and cheer us in May, we will need it! We aim to raise £1000 for the charity so PLEASE donate today, and think of all the Children you can help with your donations.

Please donate to or alternatively text GATW99 followed by the amount you wish to donate to 70070. Many Thanks in advance.

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