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Gatwick Diamond Business Awards

02 May 2017 We asked our franchisee Nic the above question about our recent Gatwick Diamond Business Awards win. For me customer service has always been my focus, when I first bought the Driver Hire Gatwick franchise it was the tool I decided to use to stand out from the crowd. As a company, we deal with over 40 customers on a weekly basis; with them all being from the transport industry their needs are all different and we constantly need to adapt our approach throughout the day to ensure we always service them effectively and provided the highest possible standard of customer service. Customer Service is the focal point of everything we do and we feel it is what makes us different to other recruitment agencies. As a team having an external organization recognize how much work we put into our customer service means the world to us and motivates us to continue to develop the approaches we use. It also reassures us that what we are doing is worthwhile. Top of page