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Driver Hire Winter Conference

21 January 2015

January saw Driver Hires annual winter conference take place. After a storming year and a particularly busy yet very successful final two months, we at Driver Hire Gatwick were looking forward to it.

This event takes place once a year and all franchisees, head office staff, senior management, directors and consultants from around the driver hire network attend.

We were taken back by the numerous complements, from various other franchisees, senior management and various other attendees, for our recent successes. On top of this we were also recognised in a number of speeches and presentations on the day relating to all our notable achievements and milestones throughout the year.

Curt Bean, our senior consultant, was going to be presented the Regional Consultant of Year award and was also nominated for the overall Consultant of the Year. Everyone here at Driver Hire Gatwick was over the moon for Curt and that he was receiving recognition for all the hard work he does. Everyone that has worked with Curt will confirm that this is thoroughly deserved and came naturally. Curt did not win the overall Consultant of the Year; however winning Regional Consultant of the Year is a huge achievement in its own right and certainly made all of us proud.

Curt was not the only success at the winter conference, our Franchisee for Driver Hire Gatwick Nic won the most prestigious award of the year which was Franchisee of the Year! This is a fantastic achievement and one that is fully deserved. This accolade is the result of years of hard work, values, work ethic and commitment.

We have big plans for the future, we are overwhelmed by the recognition we have received and extremely grateful and humbled by the awards we have won. However we are not content and all of us here at Driver Hire Gatwick will be using these awards and our current success as a launch pad for this year.





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