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29 November 2013

I came across the below article this week and it made me think about the sheer numbers of professional drivers in the UK and how many people are directly, yet involuntarily affected by Driver CPC training.

Driver CPC training was bought in back in 2003, it seems such a long time ago now! Since joining the Gatwick branch in 2011, Driver CPC Training has grown at least 10 times over. In 2012 we ran 18 courses for around 25 clients. We have already completed 47 courses this year with December still to run and our clientele has increased to almost 60 clients.

Most of our clients have been very proactive about the training. They feel this is not something to leave till the last minute; around 50% of our customers are booked in to complete their training with us by the end of the financial year. I believe this coincides well with the traditional general market ‘slow down’ in January, February and March however, this year is looking much busier than usual.

The temp market is booming with lots of new and exciting opportunities for professional drivers. A major concern for operators who have left it late is the lack of available Saturday courses until the deadline. Understandably it is not cost effective to take drivers off the road on weekdays however, in 2014 there is only 36 Saturday’s until the deadline. The number that worries me is the reported 69.825 drivers who have yet to make a start on their training. With time running out this begs the question whether these drivers will find the availability to complete their training by the September 2014 deadline.

If these drivers are working for current operators I can only imagine the stress this will cause on the day to day running of their business. Even more so its the ignorance that some of these operators still show, which always makes me think what other aspects of their operation could they be ignorant about. My professional opinion would be that all drivers should complete their training as soon as possible. This inevitable shift in demand mean availability will be harder to come by.

Becoming a CPC card holder will increase your employability to temporary, contract and permanent work as we are seeing employers asking already for fully or at least part qualified CPC drivers. The drivers CPC is an extremely important addition to the current qualifications. The modules we teach benefit all drivers who sit them and drivers should be proud to have not only the qualification but also the refreshed knowledge under their belt while they are driving. September 2014 will see a major shift in the current market, one that I believe will bring even more work to an already busy market. Should you wish to make a CPC booking or take advantage of our current offer please see our CPC tabs to the left of the page.

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