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15 April 2014
There is no doubt that the last few Years have been tough going for businesses for a multitude of reasons.
What also did happen was that solid businesses shone through and really showed their metal through the adverse economic climate.
We are one of those businesses. We treat people with respect, honesty and we work hard every day. We are personable and professional and we thrive on excellent service, and the above are all imperative in order to be successful. Don't take my word for it however just ask to see the many testimonials we have from drivers and Customers alike!
I am pleased to say that we are to celebrate a RECORD YEAR at Driver Hire Gatwick!
Firstly I would like to thank all our clients for their custom, and our hard working drivers, which we respect and truly appreciate their challenges.
Also I would like to thank my team for their solid work, persistence, understanding and perseverance through the tough times and the every day challenges, they really did an excellent job and they deserve a lot of credit!
We are one of the leading temporary and permanent logistics employers in the Gatwick area. We have plenty of work, we pay really well and offer true benefits such us Free CPC training etc.
We are looking to expand so join us on our successful and full of opportunities journey!!
Nic Chaviaris
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