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10 December 2013

Having read this article from the Freight Transport Association (FTA), I thought it would be a good time for a gentle reminder to all drivers about the consequences Drink driving may bring during the festive period. It may be the case that drivers and very deservingly so have a few drinks over the festive period, albeit the danger may not lie sometimes on the day that the alcohol has been consumed but the morning or the day after.

As mentioned in the article the number of ‘morning after’ arrests has increased so clearly it is a matter that we all need to pay attention to. How will a driver know if he/she is over the limit? In an ideal world the best way to check is for a driver to use a breathalyser before beginning a shift to make sure they are not above the legal limit. If a driver does not have a breathalyser, the best way to avoid this is to not run the risk at all. If a driver thinks there is a slight chance that they may still be over the limit they should NOT drive under any circumstances.

The repercussions are extremely severe and vary from a ban, fine, losing their job and the driver could be putting other people`s lives as well as their own into jeopardy. Although it may be the drivers responsibility for the amount of alcohol they consume before driving, the operator must also look out for signs of this happening as if it is ignored then the operator could be in danger of losing their ‘O’ licence.

They must look out for signs such as a lingering alcohol smell on the driver and tiredness. If the operator for any reason thinks their driver is under the influence of alcohol they have to have arrangements in place in order to deal with such occasions. Christmas is a time to have fun and I am sure the celebrations will begin shortly, so let’s make sure that it is the season ‘to be jolly’ by being aware of all of the factors that I have mentioned and reporting anything that seems out of the ordinary. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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