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14 May 2014

I am extremely pleased to announce that Team Gatwick (Nic, Curt and James)managed to complete their Triathlon in aid of Save the Children Charity!

The triathlon took place in East Grinstead on Sunday the 11th of May.

Having discussed and agreed in doing this back in October 2013, you can appreciate that emotions were overwhelming and almost too much to contain!


It was a very early wake up for all especially James and Curt having had to attend a safety briefing at 0630am! The weather made matters worst as it was windy, moody and surprisingly cold.

All 3 of us were nervous yet exited about the day. We were so motivated by the fact that we smashed our fund target that we really wanted to do well and give it our all!

That we did, and all 3 of us pushed our bodies and minds to the extremes as we found the task and the disciplines extremely hard. When the going was really tough the only thing all 3 of us had in our mind and propelled us through the race was that no matter what the physical pain we were going through, it could not compare to what some Children around the world go through, not just for 2 hours on one day but all day and every day.

Needless to say however we were all very pleased to see the finish line and of course cross it!!


We all agreed that the loser between the 3 of us would have to do a forfeit. We all had our strengths and weaknesses and it should have been a close race albeit Curt was undisputed 1st with a very reasonable time since this was his 1st ever triathlon , Nic was a close 2nd but James was last with some 20 mins behind Nic`s time. Even though James did so very well and we are truly proud of him he still has to do the forfeit. After much deliberation and discussion the Judges, Nic and Curt decided that James will be dressing as a female and work one whole day in a lovely outfit chosen by Nic


This is no Oscars however we would really like to Thank our supporters, who donated. Your donations mean so much to those Children and their families. Also big thanks to our friends and families who attended the day and urged us on just when we needed a little (or a big) push to carry on, despite the horrible weather!

The total raised so far stands at £1193.12! This is truly remarkable and yet again on behalf of our charity and the Children THANK YOU!!



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