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Annual Chairty Update

11 March 2016

Driver Hire Gatwick’s 1000 + Mile Driving Challenge

This will be our third year raising money for Save the Children with our annual charity event. These events have seen us raise over £3000 for Save the Children so far.

Previous events have seen us push ourselves to the limits physically and mentally by competing in a triathlon and walking for 24 hours to London and back from our office!

This year we plan to do something completely different! It will still be physically and mentally challenging but there will also be a lot of strategy involved…

As some of you may know at Driver Hire Gatwick we are part of a network of offices all over the country and for this year’s challenge we have decided to drive to the one furthest away from us….Aberdeen and then drive back again. This is a journey of over 1000 miles! This may sound fairly simple but as ever we have made it as difficult as possible!

We are aiming to complete the journey in 24 hours, in a car only worth £200 and we are planning to stop at as many other Driver Hire offices as possible in this time.

We all cannot wait to spend 24 hours in the same car with each other…. but as it is in aid of such a worthy cause I’m sure we will all be able to manage it!

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