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Permanent Recruitment

The Driver Hire Offer
At Driver Hire we offer a permanent recruitment service to help your organisation minimise time and cost of the recruitment process.
Customer Guarantee
Should any candidate placed by us leave in the first 10 weeks for any reason other than redundancy, we will replace that candidate completely free of charge.
In weeks 1-5 only, you may choose to receive a 50% rebate on the fee already paid.
The above guarantees are subject to full payment within 14 days of invoice, and a maximum of one replacement only.
For full details on pricing, as well as our 10-week payment plan and any discounts that may be available, please contact us on 020 8988 4050.
We will not charge you more than 10% of starting salary
Our Service
When you ask Driver Hire to find a new member of staff for your organisation we will:
  1. Take a full job brief and 'person specification' from you - details of role, type of person, specific skills, salary, start date and attitude etc.
  2. Search our extensive database for suitable candidates - we have over 90 offices
  3. Advertise
  4. Interview and reference all candidates, make all relevant checks all to ISO9001 standards
  5. Match candidates to your specific requirements and provide you a written shortlist.
  6. Brief candidates about the job, ensuring their interest and commitment.
  7. Arrange an interview programme at a time to suit you.
  8. Liaise between you and the candidate throughout the selection process.
  9. Post placement follow-up with the candidate.
  10. This entire service is at no extra cost. 

Customer Benefits

  • Reduced administration and time
  • No success - no fee
  • Customer guarantees
  • Access to a local office with local and national contacts
  • Quick response
  • No repeat costs if candidate leaves early
  • Experienced recruitment staff who understand logistics
  • One phone call accesses a genuinely nationwide recruitment service

Quality without compromise

Full regulatory compliance and total quality control is at the root of everything we do. All of our business processes are designed to help us maintain the highest standards.

When you work with Driver Hire you can be confident that we will work to the same exacting standards as your own.

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