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Fuel Efficient Driving

eFED - online Fuel Efficient Driving training
At Driver Hire Daventry we are proud to introduce a unique new service - online fuel efficient driving training.
Driver hire is a leading provider of Driver CPC training, now delivering some 100,000 hours of training each year, across the UK. Among the most popular modules is Fuel Efficient Driving. As a result of this we have created a Online Fuel Efficient Driving training system eFED.
Fun, interactive learning 
eFED has been designed to be enjoyable and interactive, in around one hour, a range of simple, effective techniques and day-to-day checks are presented through high-quality 'game-based' animation.
Measurable results 
We have a system of online pre- and post-assessments that help to demonstrate the immediate impact of the training, ready for you to put it in the real world. 
Keeping a record 
The eFED system is backed up by a dedicated Learning Management System (LMS). All Training results are automatically stored securely online, and accessible at any time, allowing you to keep track of exactly what training has taken place.
Booking your training 
Visit for more information on eFED, and to find out how to book the training you need.
Alternatively call us on 01327 422250 to ask about eFED.
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