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We're fundraising for Children in Need

15 November 2011

In 2010 the Wilson Gibb branches in the Driver Hire network raised £1,667 for the BBC Children in Need appeal and this year they’re aiming to do the same.


Stevie Thompson, Operations Manager for Wilson Gibb explains, “it was an idea we had years ago and all our staff, customers and workers have really bought into it.


The offices have great fun on the day and even people that don’t come into the branch to donate money tend to get a laugh as we put pictures up on our websites of what’s going on.


Plus customers know that by booking with us they’re helping an excellent cause.”


For customers, the participating Driver Hire branches will donate £1 for every shift that’s pre-booked for the next week before the show commences.


So booking,

·          1 person for 1 day will mean we’ll donate £1 to Children in Need

·          1 person Monday toFriday will mean £5 is donated

·          2 people Monday to Friday will be £10,

·          3 people Monday to Friday will be £15 etc..


Customers also have the option to add a value to their weekly invoice that will be paid along with the amount that WGMS will already donate based on the booking. Click here for more information 


All the branch staff will also donate money in order to get the ‘privilege’ of wearing fancy dress to work for the day and all the temporary workers will be given the chance to donate an amount from their wages to add to the total.


Indeed, the first people to get involved was Driver Hire head office in Bradford who have very kindly pledged £400 to support the efforts of their largest franchise group.


Viki Carruthers, Recruitment Consultant in the Border branch commented “there’s always a bit of competition between the branches to see who can raise the most money or dress up the most bizarrely, but knowing that every penny we raise is going to where its needed most is this ultimate reward.


Because our branch covers areas in Scotland & England we’re going to try keep eveyone happy and wear kilts with England tops -  so if anyone that wants to pop in to have a laugh (or give us stick for ½ of what we are wearing) they’re more than welcome - so long as they’ve some spare change!


We appreciate that times are tough so we’re not making any targets on what we’d like to raise, we will  just try our best and be thankful for every penny we manage to get”.


If you’d like to donate please contact,


Borders – 01896 754 746 or email


If you’d prefer to donate direct then you click here and of course you can pledge during the show on Friday evening.


The Driver Hire branches partaking in this effort are

· Borders

· Edinburgh City

· Edinburgh West

· Fife

· Grangemouth

· Motherwell

· Newcastle


Every booking with these branches will earn the same donation!

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