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As a people business, we thought you might like to know a bit more about the people you will be dealing with when you contact us.

Andrew Daniels - Branch Manager & Driver CPC Trainer

Andrew has been part of the team for over twelve years now. Prior to moving into the recruitment sector he spent twelve years working in retail management.

"There are two key elements to everything we do these are quality and service. We are here to provide a service our customers rely on and to ensure that they want us to provide that service in the future we focus on quality. Our success in maintaining long term relationships with our customers is gained through understanding what they need from us and the staff we provide meeting those requirements."


Phil Vandervelde - Driver Hire

Phil has been part of the team for over eleven years and heads up our Driver Hire division. Prior to working for us Phil had already gained extensive experience within the transport and logistics sector and has a good understanding of the work his driver team enjoy.

" Before I came to work for Driver Hire Bolton & Wigan I didn't realise just how much emphasis they placed on quality and drivers being compliant with legislation. I like to provide my team of drivers with work they enjoy as when they are happy they project that to the people they meet and in turn that reflects the image of our customers"


Lee Cunliffe - Business Development

Lee is the newest member of the team having been with us for seven and half years. Having worked within the property market prior to joining us.

"In many ways the experience I had in my previous job has helped me greatly. When identifying a property for my customers I had to understand what they were actually looking for and find them a location that met those requirements. In many respects I essentially do the same thing now. It is my job to listen to what potential customers actually need from us so that we can provide a service that works for them"


Josie Harper - Accounts & Payroll

Josie is the longest standing member of the team. Josie places great emphasis on ensuring that all our back office functions run smoothly so that you can be sure that when you deal with us you don't have to spend endless amounts of time dealing with our invoices.

"I have been dealing with our invoicing and payroll for thirteen years and have seen some big changes in systems in that time. It is my job to ensure my customers invoicing is correct so they can get on with other things."


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