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Driver Hire Blackburn Help with Driver CPC Training

05 November 2014

At Driver Hire Blackburn there has been a move to help people who are out of work get their periodic Driver CPC training and back into work.

Dan Fee who has now been working for Driver Hire Blackburn for 10 years said:

“We have always been committed to helping people back into work but with the onset of Driver CPC training this has been made more difficult. The cost of the training was proving too much for people to be able to outlay when they are not working.”

“We have set up some assisted CPC training with Bootstraps and are hoping to work with the local job centre but we needed something for people who didn’t meet that criteria.”

“Our solution was to register people who still need to complete their Driver CPC training, seeing if we can get them some Van work whilst we are waiting for the training dates and then putting them out on tachograph work once they have been trained.”

“By offering the training at a dramatically reduced cost and taking the money weekly from their wages at a manageable level we have already helped several people, who are skilled drivers back into work.”

One such person is Mark:

“I came to Driver Hire needing 5 days CPC training. In my last job I hadn’t needed it, even though it was Class 2 work. Driver Hire managed to find me some van work to get earning some money straight away.”

“When I started the second week of work they rang me to say they had booked me on the training, it was 2 weeks away.”

“They kept me working up to the date the training started, and then I did the 5 days training. Dan then rang me on the Friday with work for the following week, and so far that has been the same ever since!”

“I paid for the training at £30 each week providing that my wage is high enough, if it wasn’t they wouldn’t take it out; having said that it hasn’t been a problem because I have been working full time since I came in!”

Driver Hire Blackburn can do the same for you.

If you require anything from 1 to 5 days CPC training, get in touch. Driver Hire Blackburn will allow you to pay for your training whilst you work. Call the office on (01254) 351155 or email they have multiple types of work available.

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