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Driver Hire Blackburn Driver CPC Training

24 February 2017

As many you may be aware, Driver Hire Blackburn train Driver CPC periodic training. We have provided CPC training throughout the local area, based at the Holiday Inn Express in Burnley, as well as training private courses on site for our clients (subject to terms & conditions)

Many of our clients have made a decision to provide an ongoing training schedule to look after their drivers and help them remain compliant in the event of a DVSA audit. This is a policy that we fully support.

Ever since the Driver CPC was introduced we at Driver Hire Blackburn have always trained our drivers as well as providing top quality training to our customer. We would like to think that as we go the extra mile for our staff, that they would return the favour and if we ever need them to do anything out of the ordinary we can rely on them. This has proved to be well founded.

Mick has worked for Driver Hire Blackburn now for over 8 years.

“Driver Hire Blackburn has been great to me to be honest” Mick went on to say “When I first started working for them, all those years ago, they made sure I understood the rules and regs for drivers. Over the years they have kept me up to date on the changes, and then when Drivers CPC came in they put me through it on their open courses.”

He also added “Doing the open courses made it really interesting. We sat in with customers of Driver Hire Blackburn and got to hear all different accounts of Drivers experiences, sometimes you can use what you gained from another driver on the course to help you in a similar situation. Another important thing is that they have also managed to keep me in work all these years, they have a lot of different customers and I bet I have worked at most of them ranging from delivering new cars to Steel deliveries to Bed Deliveries and everything in between!! A lot of the companies I worked for at Driver Hire had drivers on the training so when I go into a new customer I would be seeing the lad I sat next to on the training it was great!!”

If you would like any more information about Driver CPC training near to the Blackburn area or if you would like any information about one of our services such as supplying Temporary or Permanent Staff or our Driver Licence Checking System, then please call 01254351155 and we will be happy to help you.

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