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DH Belfast's first qualified CPC driver

09 May 2012
       Hugh Robinson is the first Driver Hire Belfast driver to complete his first 35 hours of          
       Driver CPC training and qualify for his Driver Qualification Card (DQC).     
       Congratulations, Hugh!
Hugh Robinson - CPC Success
   "I had decided to keep all my training
  with Driver Hire to complete it well
  within the timescale. Driver Hire 
  Belfast monitored and advised me of
  what modules were available. Being a 
  relatively new HGV driver, I gained a
  wealth of knowledge from older and
  more experienced drivers who also
  attended the course, with the trainer
  himself being a HGV 1 driver."

 All HGV/PCV drivers must complete a total of 35 hours PeriodicTraining every 5 years following their "acquired rights" or Initial Qualification to keep their Driver CPC valid. Existing drivers must complete their Periodic Training by September 2013 (PCV) and September 2014 (LGV).

If you haven’t started Driver CPC training as yet, then contact us on 028 9038 7054
or by email:

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