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Your Photo Card Driving Licence

10 March 2009

Due to a number of recent enquiries from our drivers about expiry dates of their photocard licence we have put together the following information.

When you need to renew your licence:

·         Although your entitlement to drive is normally valid until your 70th birthday your photo card licence is only valid for up to 10 years, at this time you must renew your photograph.  The DVLA should send a reminder 2 months prior to your licence expiry however, you should be aware of the date yourself as failure to hold a valid photocard licence can result in a fine of up to £1000.


·         You are required to inform the DVLA of any change to your name or address as printed on your licence.  Failure to do so could incur a £1000 fine.


·         If your driving licence has been lost/stolen/damaged or destroyed you should apply for a replacement.  A replacement licence should be received within 15 working days of your application being received by the DVLA.


How to renew your licence

·         If you need to renew your photocard or amend personal details you should use the DVLA D1 form.  You should use the same form to apply for a replacement licence in the case of it being lost/stolen or damaged.  You can access this form via the DVLA website.


·         If you have any queries about your driving licence you should visit or call Driver Hire Aberdeen on 01224 899449.

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