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Driver Training: Air Cargo Security

15 January 2009

Training our drivers and operatives to be the best in the business is a priority for us at Driver Hire Aberdeen.  As part of our reward scheme temps who work a full week are given a £10 contribution to their personal training fund.  This fund can be used towards any work related training, for example forklift course, licence upgrade, ADR training, security training...

We would like to congratulate the 4 drivers who recently completed their Level 4 Aviation Security Training.  This is a security awareness course for exporters, forwarders, couriers, packers and airline staff.  The course aims to give a comprehensive understanding of the security threat posed to air cargo.  In the drivers' case it ensures that they have the necessary skills to detect and remove any packages which may pose a threat to the air craft. 

The successful completion of this course means that the drivers are now qualified to work in, and access, secure areas.  In the current employment market it is essential to continue training and development in order to ensure that employment opportunities are maximised.

For further information on our training fund and courses available call Driver Hire Aberdeen on 01224 899449.

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