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Top network performers recognised


Driver Hire’s Winter Conference, held this year in Edinburgh, provided a perfect opportunity to recognise the efforts of the Driver Hire network’s top performers.


Fittingly the 2010/11 ‘Franchisee of the Year’ went north of the Border, to Richard Good, Donald McClymont and Gordon Hyslop from Driver Hire Ayrshire & Dumfries.


Commenting on their success Chris Chidley, Driver Hire’s Chief Executive said: “During the year, their turnover grew by 60%, they held a consistent place in the league table and work with a good spread of sectors. The team at Ayrshire & Dumfries are very worthy winners.”


Other top awards went to Gee Bains, London South East (Newcomer of the Year) Manjit Singh, Enfield (Endeavour), David Quinn, Chelmsford (Memorial Salver), and Jim Richards, Birmingham (Training Award). Dilwar Hussain (Enfield) won the inaugural Consultant of the Year Award.


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