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How much could I save?

Savings of up to 10% - or even more

It goes without saying that there are many variables when calculating fuel consumption - the vehicle, the driver, the route, the traffic conditions and so on. However Government sources* suggest that the techniques we are now teaching all of our drivers can reduce your fuel bill by 10%.

What might this mean in real terms? Here's an illustration based on Government figures:

Fleet size 10x Category C+E vehicles
Average annual mileage 80,000 miles per vehicle
Achieveable fuel economy gains 10%
Reduction in fuel costs £45,000 per annum

In our own tests, conducted in controlled conditions with the assistance of Mercedes-Benz, the fuel economy gains achieved were even more impressive:

Vehicle Fuel Economy Gain
Van 19%
Class 2 (Cat C) Vehicle 27%
7.5 tonne vehicle 31%

The techniques covered in the Driver Hire Fuel Efficient Driving course are not complicated - but they are effective. We genuinely believe that any driver can reduce their fuel consumption simply by making a few changes to the way they drive. In turn this could reduce your fuel bill - by up to £6,700 per vehicle per year.**

Calculate your own savings
We've also provided a simple calculator, so you can enter some figures from your own fleet and see how much the savings above could really be worth. Click here to use this tool.

Save more than just fuel
Remember, one of the great things about adopting a gentler driving style is that you save money in other ways too:

* You are less likely to be involved in a (potentially expensive) accident
* Reduced vehicle wear and tear means lower ongoing maintenatnce costs
* Lower CO2 emissions may help towards your organisation's environmental commitments

All in all, you can easily see how the savings generated by fuel efficient driving can be immense. That's why many companies are introducing fuel efficiency courses for their own drivers. However, extending this to your agency drivers has always been a challenge. Now, with Driver Hire, you can. 

* Source - SAFED
** Based on bulk diesel prices of £3.73 per gallon, 1 Category C vehicle covering 80,000 miles per year, and consuming 27% less fuel, in line with our tests 

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